Mirroring your Android device in MacOS

If you are trying to figure out a way for mirroring (or screening) your android device in a computer with MacOS, then this post was made just for you. I will be sharing my practical experience in mirroring my OnePlus X android device in a MacBook Pro computer. Obviously it is easy to mirror your […]

How to transfer files from Android to Mac OS

You might be knowing Mac as one of the dominant operating systems available in the market today. With so many limitations and its native features, Mac was mostly isolated from integrating with other operating systems. In this blog, we will be discussing about transferring files from an Android device to Mac OS. You cannot simply […]

Basics of Java Static Code Analysis

Following video was created to give you a fundamental knowledge on Java static code analysis. I give a brief introduction to static code analysis and why we need them and an overview of popular static analysis tools. Finally, I have demonstrated a real time integration of static code analysis for a Springboot Gradle project. You […]

COVID19: Warning from Bill Gates

You might know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates is one of the richest person of the world. He is also a philanthropist and a predictor. Gates has predicted many futuristic events with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analysis. Bill Gates also a technologist, business-leader and entrepreneur. Bill grew-up […]

COVID-19 vs TB Vaccine a.k.a. BCG

Did you know why COVID-19 is spreading severely in some countries but gradually in other countries? Have you ever thought about this? Mainly Asian & African countries having very low number of COVID-19 (or Corona) incidents when compared to Europe & America. Corona has already done its biggest damage to America with the highest number […]

Testing web-services with SoapUI

In this post I will be discussing on doing functional testing on SOAP web-services using the SoapUI tool. See my previous blog to learn how to create a web-service project. Here, I will be using the sample project that I have created in my previous blog. There are many tools available in the marketplace today […]

Code-first SOAP web-services with STS

This blog is about developing a simple Java SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web-service using Spring Tool Suite (STS) integrated development environment. I will explain simple steps to develop a web-service and deploy it on application server (ex: Apache Tomcat) and do the integration. For the sample program, I have used the default java web […]

Robots & Humanoids, and their impact on us

Most people think that robots are destructive figures as shown in science fiction movies like Terminator, Transformers, Star Wars and etc. In fact, robots are everywhere today. Robots are being used to manufacture cars, clean the house, help soldiers in battlefield, assist doctors in surgeries, play with kids and also to explore beyond earth. Typically, real robots […]

Overview of ZigBee wireless technology

ZigBee is another member of Wireless Networking Standard which is implemented for monitoring and control applications, with a low data rate, low cost, low energy usage, and global use, with broad applicability to consumer products, commercial, industrial and government markets. It is based on the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.15.4 specification for low data […]

Jini the Apache River

JINI, also called as Apache River is another comprehensive product of Sun Microsystems that was developed to provide a programming environment for the distributed applications. Comparing to other network technologies of Sun Microsystems (ex: RMI), JINI helps us to deal with some of the powerful distributed computing concepts, evaluate system problems, resilience, security and dynamic […]


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