You might know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates is one of the richest person of the world. He is also a philanthropist and a predictor. Gates has predicted many futuristic events with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analysis. Bill Gates also a technologist, business-leader and entrepreneur. Bill grew-up in Seattle, Washington, USA. He was a college dropout but pioneered one of the world’s largest companies.

Bill Gates has predicted many futuristic events over the years. Some of them never happened, but most of his predictions became phenomenon. He doesn’t make these predictions by the superstition, but with the help of science & technology.

Gates became viral recently because of a prediction (or a warning) he made during a Ted-Talk session in 2015. This warning was about future epidemics and its impact to the world. This speech was done five years ago and it completely relates to the current situation in the world (COVID-19).

When Bill was a kid the disaster that they’ve worried more was about nuclear war. They had a survival supplies barrel filled with food cans and water in their basement to survive during the war days. In his talk at Ted, he insists that today’s major catastrophe is not the nuclear-war but the bio-war. According to him, we have invested a lot in nuclear but very little in preventing such epidemics.

Not missiles, but microbes

We are not ready for the next epidemic

Bill Gates (2015)

Gates talks about the Ebola virus. He says our system wasn’t enough or didn’t have any system to face the Ebola that killed tens of thousands and put the world economy into a crisis. At that time we didn’t have a readymade team to dispatch to fight Ebola at its initial stage.

There was no one to look at treatment approaches or perform researches on the epidemic. No one was there to figure out what tools to be used. Bill Gates calls these as a Global Failure. W.H.O was funded to monitor epidemics but not to do researches or find tools to prevent future epidemics. Gates insists that we don’t have any epidemiologists as in Hollywood movies.

He says the next epidemic will be more devastative than Ebola. According to him, if it is a war then we have soldiers to dispatch at a glance. They are well prepared and ready to go anytime. And we have systems to scale up reinforcements during war. NATO has a mobile unit that was deployed very rapidly and ready to go to maintain peace between nations. NATO does lot of war games to make sure their teams were ever-ready. Gates says these are the kinds of things that we should have for an epidemic situation as well.

According to Bill Gates, Ebola was an early warning to get ready for the next epidemic. Therefore, he suggested these key systems for prevention from the next devastative epidemic.

  1. Strengthen health systems
  2. Medical reserve corp
  3. Pair medical & military
  4. Simulation systems to understand germ games
  5. Setup advanced R&D

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates handed-over his Microsoft Corporation to Satya Nadella (an Indian) and stepped down from Microsoft to focus more on the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. He even donated most of the properties that he earned to the foundation. Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the foundation has helped many nation across the world to lead healthy lives. They mainly focus on improving people’s health in developing countries.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has joined the fight against COVID-19 virus backed by $125 million funds to tackle this epidemic. These funds will be used to identify potential treatments to the virus, accelerate their development, and help to manufacture millions of such medications. The project was named as COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator.